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2019 Membership Signup
Note: Registration for 2019 begins Dec. 2018.

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Important Note: All memberships are completed online, with a credit card preferably this year. Please scoll down to sign up

 Membership Dues are as follows for each membership category:





Population of  0 to 20,000


Associate Member

$25.00 each

20,001   to 30,000


Corporate Member


30,001 to 50,000


Cooperating Member


50,001 to 150,000


Professional Member


Over 150,000


Honorary/ Retired Member




Student Member


When signing up if you are a governmental unit you have the option of signing your allowed governmental member representative members (Voting members)(see below) under your population category. Important: You must choose voting members when registering any member under the primary member.

Categories of Membership 

Governmental Member: A Governmental Member shall be only a governmental unit, department or agency engaged in the administration, formation or enforcement of laws, ordinances, rules or regulations relating to the public health, safety and welfare in the built environment.  A Governmental Member is the only class with rights to vote on all matters under the Chapter Bylaws.  Each Governmental Member shall be entitled to the number of voting representatives specified below. These Governmental Member Representatives shall be designated in writing and shall be employees or officials of the Governmental Member as stated above. 

Number of Governmental Member Representatives (Voting members)


Number of Voting Representatives

0 to 50,000

50,001 to 150,000

Over 150,000




All Governmental Member employees or officials in excess of voting representatives shall be an Associate Member. 

Associate Member: An employee of a governmental unit, department or agency who is not designated as a Governmental Member Representative. 

Corporate Member: An organization such as, an association, society, testing laboratory, institute, university, college, company, manufacturer or corporation interested in the purposes and objectives of the Chapter. 

Cooperating Member: An individual who is interested in the purposes and objectives of the Chapter. 

Professional Member: An individual who is engaged in the practice of engineering or architecture and duly licensed or registered by any state or other recognized governmental agency. 

Honorary Member: An individual who has rendered outstanding service to the Chapter, and whose name shall be proposed by the Board of Directors and confirmed by a majority vote of the Governmental Member Representatives at a Business Meeting.  

Student Member: Any individual enrolled in classes or a course of study qualifying for occupying at least eight semester credits of classroom instruction per school year.

Retired Member: Any former member who is retired.